1001 Secrets Abbreviated

transvestite clothing make up shoes cross dressing styleNo matter where in the world you are, no matter what little town or big city you choose to enjoy as a woman, you can now discover all the same material that Louise and have used for over a decade to help each and every one of our clients to live fulfilled and happy lives as women:

Believe it then you’ll see it – powerful visualisation and self hypnosis techniques to harness your subconscious mind and bring out all your most feminine qualities
Selecting underwear that works for you – in style and function

If the shoe fits – finding the right shoes for you, and how to walk like the woman you are

Accessorise with style – bags to hats, glasses to jewellery – how to combine in a way that matches your persona

Suits you madam – the essence of a complete wardrobe: from stylish clothing combinations to the fine art of layering

Go get the look – the forbidden joy of shopping therapy: how to shop for all your feminine clothing needs, from jeans to relax in, to glamorous dresses for special occasions, to the sensual undergarments that simply make every outfit.

A stitch in time – how to organise, care for and clean your most precious garments.

One thing you will notice about this e-book is that we don’t make any ridiculous promises we can’t keep.

Sure – if you have the bone structure and certain traits, it will be easier to help you look like a natural female, even to an ardent admirer.

But what we’re talking about here is something far more important – no matter who you are. It’s that all powerful, often elusive quality…

Confidence in your feminine self. That’s right – simple, sexy, sassy confidence.

The key to unlocking your innermost feminine beauty is not simply looking like a woman in the mirror – it’s feeling like a woman, no matter where you are!

And feeling like the most beautiful woman you can possibly be.

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