1001 Secrets

Attention: If you were born as a man who loves to look and feel like a beautiful woman, then this may be the most important letter you’ll ever read.


Discover the Simple Secrets to Looking and Feeling Truly Feminine.

Hundreds of T-girls have already discovered the power of this simple program. Now you can use it to find your true femininity, and ‘strut your stuff’ as a beautiful, elegant woman!

“This is the most useful resource I have ever seen for trans people. I never knew that there were so many different sorts of necklaces and how some shoes can make my legs look slimmer.
I loved the advice about ‘walking like a woman’ that was so enlightening. I love the illustrations they really look like trans people I feel quite emotional as us girls have never had anything like this before. Thank you.”
- Valerie Briggs

“The science of being a woman is a complex terrain for the male cross-dresser.
In ’1001 Secrets of Feminine Cross Dressing’, Louise Allen and Jane Butt have created a highly accessible manual to feminine strategy – everything from choosing the right colour palette to the selection of fabrics.
I particularly liked the advice on stain removal(true insider knowledge if you are going to ‘pass’)
Written ostensibly for the transgender initiate, the depth and clarity of this book make it essential reading for all women.
In addition to practical direction the text includes professional psychological advice to those embarking into the pleasures of cross dressing.
Beautifully illustrated, informative and above all, fun to read.”
- Stuart Gard

From: Jane Butt and Louise Allen


Dear Sister,

As you may already know, finding and expressing who you are as a woman can often be a painful journey.

The path can be difficult – it’s so hard to find support and guidance.

And you usually learn as you go – from trial and error.

If this sounds familiar, then you probably know the errors can be emotionally painful and embarrassing at worst, and in most cases, they’re downright expensive!

How much time have you spent trying to find your woman within, only to wind up feeling that true femininity simply eludes you?

Months? Years? Decades?

And yet without proper support, you will continue to try the same techniques and styles – even if you already know that they never really work like you wish they would!

Maybe it is time to make a change, once and for all, today.

Let me ask you… Are you ready to:

  • Experience the absolute thrill of walking down the street, day or night, simply radiating your powerful, feminine aura?
  • Look in the mirror and see a beautiful, stylish woman smiling confidently back at you?
  • Learn all the secrets about dressing and presentation that biological women were taught since childhood, but that you’ve had to learn the hard way – until now?

If you answered “yes” to any (or all) of these questions, then you definitely need to take the time to read this letter. It will give you the best chance possible of improving your femininity and finally passing as a real woman!

The story below should sound familiar to you. Maybe you’ve heard one like it before… Maybe it is shockingly similar to your own story. But the ending to this person’s story is a little bit different…

Like your story (and so many others), it has its own share of pain, confusion, and isolation. But in the end, it is different because it has a happy ending. I’ll tell you why in just a minute…

Once upon a time there was a friendly young male, Anthony, who was an average man in many ways…

He had a good circle of friends, made a decent living, and even enjoyed a great relationship…

And when no one else was around, Anthony would find his bliss in transforming himself into a beautiful woman.

As a woman, Antonia loved the feel of soft, feminine materials on her skin, and the look of her body in the mirror as it shimmered in bright, colourful clothing…

She loved the soft sound of her voice as she allowed a more feminine lilt to come out. She loved the feeling of soft butterflies in her stomach as she noticed the beauty in her feminine movements.

But having been brought up as a male, Antonia had so much to learn about expressing her femininity…

Like so many T-girls before her, she had to learn the hard way – feeling so alone, she had no choice but to endure the pain of trial and error…

And sometimes the errors were truly painful.

At first, Antonia was afraid to share her secret with anyone else. Not even close friends and relatives could find out. She didn’t understand these feelings herself – how would anyone else?

When the terrified Anthony finally found the courage to open up, his girlfriend was shocked. She said she didn’t want to be with a man who wasn’t a “real man”.

A lot of his friends thought there was something wrong with Anthony. He even made the mistake of telling a friend at work… Pretty soon, the whole office looked at him differently.

At first, Antonia didn’t dream of going outside her home. She knew she’d never pass as a natural female. When the desire became too strong, she ventured out to the post box at the end of her road, cloaked in the dead of night.

Soon, she began taking late night trips to her local 7-11. The thrill of joining the real world as a woman was intoxicating, and she started to think about how wonderful it would be to ‘pass’ in the daytime.

Plucking up the courage to venture out in broad daylight, Antonia finally felt like she was expressing her true self.

Unfortunately the rest of the world just didn’t seem to agree. People saw she wasn’t a real woman, at least not as they defined one.

Every time she went out, she had to face the ridicule of so many ignorant people, and the pain of rejection by a society that doesn’t understand. It had a profoundly painful effect on her, and left deep emotional scars that took a long time to heal.

After several years, Antonia finally found the guidance she needed. She learned the art of perfecting her feminine appearance.

She learned how to conceal even the most masculine of features, and how to create an elegant beauty in both her appearance and manner.

Soon, those judgemental looks from passers by simply seemed to melt away. One day she found herself exuding an effortless femininity – a femininity that came from deep inside, and shone through her.

Today, as I’m sure you can imagine, Antonia is enjoying the life of a happy and fulfilled woman, who has truly found her place in the world… Free from the pain of her past.

And how do I know this wonderful story?

Because when she finally found me, I worked with Antonia to help her heal the emotional scars – and to become the woman she is today, both inside and out.

In fact, I’ve had the honor and privilege to help hundreds of transvestite and transsexual men to make the journey from fear and rejection to finding true confidence, love and acceptance.

Now, if you’re reading this letter, it means you’re ready to make that same journey – to share your feminine beauty with the world. And I’m ready to help you, the same way I have helped so many others before. Now, you might be thinking…

“Hold on – what qualifies you to tell me how to find my inner beauty?”

If you’ve never met me, you might be asking yourself how I know what challenges you face as a woman trying to find your place in the world – let alone how I can show you how to overcome them.

And that is a fair question – especially since your frustration is so unique to your own experience. Whether you have trouble with…

  • That sense of strangers staring at you in public
  • The fear of even stepping outside your front door
  • The terror at the thought of the people you know and love rejecting you, or…
  • The feeling that there is a femininity so powerful inside you, but the frustration at simply not being able to express it fully – through ignorance, guilt, or a range of other frustrating reasons.

Sound familiar?

The fact is, I’ve spent many years helping literally hundreds of transvestites – many of them just like you – to find fulfilment and happiness.

There’s a journey you take to discover the real source of femininity inside you, to feel the joy of being a complete woman, in your own mind, and to let that femininity shine through no matter where you are.

And all you need to take that journey is an experienced guide.

“Today I read copy of ’1001 secrets to successful cross dressing’ I was amazed at the quality of information and support. I am a biological woman who has worked in the fashion business all my working life and I thought I knew just about all there was to know – this book made me feel like a keen student learning my subject for the first time.
’1001 Secrets’
will help anyone pass as a woman and it reaches the needs of all women because it is a practical unpretentious guide to the secrets of looking fantastic, it is written by true professionals with knowledge and experience – not celebrities with limitations, well done Louise and Jane!”
- Victoria Maurice, London

“This is the best thing that has happened to trans people since Quentin Crisp and Eddie Izzard. The world has no idea how many of us there are, this will truly empower trans people to be confident and successful. I have been cross-dressing for twenty years mostly in secret, as I was married for ten years. I will be starting my ops to become a woman in two months time I could not believe how good this book has made me feel. I love the advice about what clothes suits what shape, the colours is fantastic I usually wear black mainly because I’m a little scared of colour not anymore I will shine in peach and russet with accents or turquoise. I will read this again and again and keep a copy in my new Kelly bag that is just the right size for a girl my height. What’s next?”
- Maxine xxx

For the last decade, I’ve worked as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in the field of mental health – specializing in sexual health needs. My focus has been transvestite and transgender people,
helping them to adjust to their identity and to fully express the woman within. Now, after years of perfecting the process, I’m able to offer you the same guidance – so that you
can live your own success story.

The important thing for you is this: This is not just some rehashed advice from yet another personal transvestite story.

Half a decade ago, I set up the Phoenix Transgender support group. Since then, I’ve been involved in so many amazing transformation stories, it brings tears to my eyes just recalling them.

So many men have spent years, lost on their journey to feminine fulfilment. And now so many have found their way, discovered the joy of truly feeling like a beautiful woman, and get to express their femininity every day.

It can be so painful when you just don’t know how to be a woman.

But I also know, from experience, how easy it can be for you to nurture your inner woman, to help her grow, and then share her proudly and beautifully with the world – when you have the right guidance.

Over the years it’s become so much easier for me to help people just like you, because I know – through experience – what works and what doesn’t.

Now I’d like to give you the benefit of my experience, in the form of a working guidebook that will show you the proven way to become the woman you truly are.

It’s called ’1001 Secrets of Feminine Cross Dressing – A Handbook for the Stylish Transvestite.’

When you learn to become a real woman on the outside, seeing and feeling yourself as fully feminine, the psychological shift will follow. That’s when the magic happens, and the world sees you differently too.

Do you know the most interesting thing? Although most T-women often feel so isolated and alone, they usually share many of the same issues and questions as other transvestites and transsexuals (perhaps you’ll recognise a few):

  • How to ‘pass’ in public as a woman
  • How to find the right feminine style and clothing to fit your body and personality
  • How to ‘come out’ to family and friends
  • How to find your feminine voice
  • How to move like a woman

While all of these issues are important, they’re also very common among the trans- community. In my many years of helping transvestites and transsexuals find fulfilment and happiness, I’ve noticed one crucial element in self discovery : You have to look – and feel – as feminine as you possibly can.

Once you achieve this, the solutions to all other problems come much easier.

“Thank you so much, this is one of the most exciting things to happen to Tgirls ever, we have made it into a stylebook. This really is amazing I love it I am so excited I
am going to start with the colours then work my way through the book it has become my bible.
- Alex

“My friend phoned me today to tell me to buy ’1001 secrets to successful cross dressing’ I thought she was winding me up ‘A style book for Trannies’ I still can’t believe it.
I have read it three times now and can’t believe how useful and right those girls are. I love the detail about selecting bras and knickers – I didn’t know those things! I really like the colour and information about choosing the tight clothes, too. I had no idea it was such a skill. I already look stunning and can’t wait to GO OUT! Whats next?”
- Hugs Cathyxx

You must understand that femininity is an art – from the make-up, to the clothing ensemble, to the music in your voice and the gentle flow in your movements. Being a woman takes practice, patience, and creativity.

The sad truth is that unless you had a very understanding mother or sisters, you will certainly need help learning the art.

You see, there’s more to great art than simply being creative.

No matter how much talent or potential an artist – or woman – has, they always need the guidance of a mentor to nurture and bring out their creative potential.

For most women, their mentors were their mother and/or sisters.

That’s why so many transvestites suffer when they look in the mirror.

Instead of seeing a beautiful woman, they see a man trying to dress his body as a woman – and usually failing, through lack of experience and guidance.

It’s no surprise that you probably find it hard to release your inner woman, find your feminine voice, or ‘pass’ in public.

If you can’t create a womanly image to present to the world in your own eyes, then you’ll naturally have trouble getting others to perceive you that way.

Now, finally, you can learn to create your womanly image the easy way, with your own personal guide to becoming a woman – ’1001 Secrets to Feminine Cross Dressing’.

Because we’ve spent years working to help so many T-girls achieve their feminine best, you can benefit from those years of experience in just as long as it takes to work your way through the book – which could be only a couple of hours.

Of course there are a lot of new principles – things like dressing, shopping, thinking and behaviour, which may take some practice.

But the important thing is you will know exactly what you need to do to become the best woman you can be – which makes all the difference in the world.

No wonder it takes courage just to walk out the front door!

One of my most common areas for counselling over the years has been giving T-women guidance about their image; in particular, how to dress in a feminine way for their male body shape and personality traits.

When you learn how to do that well, you’ll be amazed at how much your psychology – and your life – can change!

Finding your own feminine image is such a huge part of being a happy and fulfilled transvestite or transgender girl. So much feminine confidence flows into you when you love the way you look in the mirror.

The essence of my work over the years has been to help every girl find that unique style that best fits both her body and her personality.

Not just something that looks good, but a style that really reflects who you are, like every biological woman has learned to do since childhood.

That’s the sign of a true woman, and that’s the difference between attracting positive and negative attention. You need to make sure that the femininity you’re displaying actually suits your true personality.

Otherwise you will never feel comfortable or look your best.

You probably don’t need me to tell you that clothing ignorance can lead to so much wasted time and money on those painful shopping misadventures.

As you can imagine, helping you discover your own feminine style is an essential part of your transformation in ’1001 Secrets to Feminine Cross Dressing’.

Some people wonder whether external appearance is so important in fulfilment as a cross dresser or trans woman. Some think it’s the inner self that needs transformation.

That’s true; a lot of your success and happiness depend on your inner femininity. But let me tell you a secret that we learned years ago through working with clients like you…

When you have truly learned how to enhance and express your feminine identity and your appearance as a woman, you will feel more beautiful and feminine than you did before.

These new feelings alone will create a much more powerful feminine presence!

Believe me, it works every time! As you feel more stylish and attractive as a woman, you will unconsciously find it enhancing your femininity – in your movements, your voice, in everything you do.

Of course, for this material to be valuable, it has to make a difference to every trans-girl out there.

While we have had testimonials from some high profile Trans women, it’s also the appreciation from the everyday T-women that lets you know this book can help anyone.

“Leaning these things helped me to grow and get confidence. It was like someone saving my life. It really helped me to bring out the woman I had inside, and gave me the opportunity to learn how to dress as a woman quickly as I didn’t have the years to practice as other women do and had to learn quickly”
- Michelle

“The Program clarified a lot of things, like going shopping and getting the right colour of clothes – if it’s not the right colour then you end up not wearing it. I have read it three times now and can’t believe how useful and right those girls are. I love the detail about selecting bras and knickers – I didn’t know those things! I really like the colour and information about choosing the tight clothes, too. It would have been a great help to those who are new to it to help stop people being read. You need to think about what you are wearing so that you are dressed as women do. What looks glamorous on a teenager does not look right on a 50 year old!”
- Bo

Oh No!! Not another Tranny ‘How To’ Guide!!

You might have already encountered some of the so called ‘transvestite guides’ – if so, you probably found that most promise the earth, but really don’t offer a lot that’s new. I know what you mean… And trust me, I would know.

I’ve encountered every issue that’s caused concern for my hundreds of transvestite and trans clients.

I’ve also scoured publishers and bookstores for useful resources that dealt with all the major issues – and honestly, apart from one or two, written by very experienced T girls or experts, it’s hard to find a useful publication anywhere.

Sure, there are a few books floating around about someone’s personal story. And let’s face it, these are usually quite similar.

But only a couple of books offer any clinical guidance, and almost none of them give practical, detailed advice for transvestites about how to really perfect and enjoy the experience of cross dressing.

By now, you probably know that the most important element of a happy trans-girl is dressing that male body in beautiful, feminine clothing that looks right for YOU. But of course, with so few resources to help you with this crucial part, that was always easier said than done… Until now!

Sure you can find bits and pieces of information here and there, but in all my years working with transvestites and trans-girls, nothing we found offered all the right advice in one book…

Then one day, I realised something.

I didn’t need to find the right resource – after years of helping hundreds of transvestites deal with the same issues, I was in an ideal position to create the perfect resource!

So that’s exactly what I did. I analysed all the problems, issues, challenges – and more importantly, all the solutions that I had encountered over the years in helping men to find and express their inner beauty as a woman.

In fact, my first draft system had so much success that I enrolled the help of one of the top image consultants in the country, my good friend Louise Allen, to perfect it.

Together we produced a program that developed the inner identity, while also developing the external style and personal expression of our girls.

And what we ended up with was some truly amazing, tissue-soaking results!

The results were amazing. When our T-women started to understand how their clothing style was an extension of their own persona, the internal and external transformations were almost instant!

And now you can experience first-hand the same powerful information that has lead so many T-women on a journey of profound self discovery.

You’ll learn everything these women have learned, transform your identity, your image, and quickly become the most feminine woman you can be – both inside and out.

You know, the funny thing is I never intended this information to be a publically available book. My talent is for counselling, and that’s always where I feel I can contribute the most to people.

‘The Program’, is what I gave some of my clients so that when they didn’t have me there. That way, they’d still have all the guidelines and information they need to live happily as a stylish and feminine woman.

Then one day, the most unexpected thing happened…

One of my clients told me she’d lent ‘The Program’ to a friend of hers who was having trouble finding herself as a woman. Even though this friend had never even met me, she soon experienced a true transformation, just through using our material.

She had discovered her own style, created a whole closet of outfits that really suited both her body and her personality, and experienced the confidence to become a real woman in her own mind.

She tapped into some powerful visualisation techniques, and my client said her friend was like a new woman now. And I’d never even met the girl!

Then after a little while, guess what? That’s right – I found out this was not an isolated case.

Many of my clients had given copies of the program to friends, and it was having amazing effects!

“Jane and Louise’s work has been extremely helpful. It’s like they’re always there to counsel me on matters that I needed help with. This program has been very valuable.”
- Debbie

“It’s been fantastic, the help that I’ve received. It’s given me a lot more confidence, know-how and expertise in all the areas I needed.”
- Kathy Anne

“It’s about gaining confidence and getting support from others when you are feeling you are the only one. We all make horrendous mistakes with dressing as you go along and learning how I could improve my overall image, that was so helpful.”
- Sarah

That’s when it hit me.

We simply had to make it available to every frustrated woman, in need of this sort of help.

If I have the power to help you become more feminine than ever before, and live a more happy and fulfilled life in feminine persona, then I have a duty to share that information with you – if you’ll let me help you.

So I sat down with my good friend Louise and we did some writing, or more importantly, some editing…

And slowly, ‘The Program’, which was a pretty bulky hand-bound manuscript and illustration portfolio, evolved into an information packed e-book that could whizz around the world in an instant.

We called it…

’1001 Secrets of Feminine Cross Dressing: A Practical Handbook for the Stylish Transvestite’


And a revolution was born :)

No matter where in the world you are, no matter what little town or big city you choose to enjoy as a woman, you can now discover all the same material that Louise and I were using over and again to help each and every one of our transvestite clients to live fulfilled and happy lives as women:

  • The essence of you – finding your own perfect style, and dressing for your body shape
  • Believe it then you’ll see it – powerful visualisation and self hypnosis techniques to harness your subconscious mind and bring out all your most feminine qualities
  • Selecting underwear that works for you – in style and function
  • If the shoe fits – finding the right shoes for you, and how to walk like the woman you are
  • Accessorise with style – bags to hats, glasses to jewellery – how to combine in a way that matches your persona
  • Suits you madam – the essence of a complete wardrobe: from stylish clothing combinations to the fine art of layering
  • Go get the look – the forbidden joy of shopping therapy: how to shop for all your feminine clothing needs, from jeans to relax in, to glamorous dresses for special occasions, to the sensual undergarments that simply make every outfit.
  • A stitch in time – how to organise, care for and clean your most precious garments

One thing you will notice about this e-book is that we don’t make any ridiculous promises we can’t keep.

Sure – if you have the bone structure and certain traits, it will be easier to help you look like a natural female, even to an ardent admirer.

But what we’re talking about here is something far more important – no matter who you are. It’s that all powerful, often elusive quality…

Confidence in your feminine self. That’s right – simple, sexy, sassy confidence.

The key to unlocking your innermost feminine beauty is not simply looking like a woman in the mirror – it’s feeling like a woman, no matter where you are!

And feeling like the most beautiful woman you can possibly be.

That’s how you walk down the street with a spring in your step and a sway in your derriere, and a face that absolutely beams such feminine assurance that you can ‘pass’ so much more often, even when people are paying attention to you – and believe me, they will!

And you’ll love it!

Is this just another rehash of the same old cross-dressing tricks?

On the contrary!

What you’re going to learn in this guidebook is as unique as it comes. It is a system for feminine transformation that has been developed from scratch, over years of working diligently with women just like you.

If you’ll allow me, I’m going to help you discover an inner confidence you never knew you could have, a confidence that truly leads you on a journey of transformation.

Louise and I will give you the keys to unlocking your inner femininity, and help you become the woman you’ve always wanted to be.

Listen, if you have the desire to be a woman, then you already have all you need to become that beautiful and happy woman that you imagine.

You just need to learn to tap your inner resources.

How would you like to get your beautifully manicured hands on the same program that has helped literally hundreds of others just like you, to make your feminine dreams a reality?

Don’t delay one of your life’s greatest fulfilments.

Take this opportunity to invest in your happiness, right now, and discover the same secrets that have helped so many others just like you to become more fulfilled and feminine women.

It took Louise and myself literally years to create this information, working with hundreds of people who have shared so many of the same issues and challenges that you may face today.

And you can take all those years of learning right now, and use it to change your life in a matter of days.

Let me ask you a personal question… What would it have been worth to you, to have that mother or sister role model?

To have the natural feminine training that biological women get – the training and experience that you long for so badly?

Hundreds of dollars? Thousands of dollars? Millions maybe?

Well the good news is you can take full advantage of all of our work and experience, and the learning that changed so many before you, starting right now – for much less than $100.

We know there’s so much value in this book, but the truth is, we’re not in this field for the money. We are far more concerned with knowing that we have helped as many people as possible to live the life they want to.

That’s why we’ve added a range of our other favourite e-books into the package, at no extra cost to you.

You see ’1001 Secrets’ is the foundation of the program that we teach our girls, but there’s a lot more to it.

Once you present yourself to the world as a stylish and feminine new woman, you’ll notice a change occurring in your feelings and identity too.

We like to help our girls make even more potent change internally, through working with various visualisation and self hypnosis techniques.

Act now to get hold of your copy of ’1001 Secrets of Feminine Cross Dressing’, and you’ll be just pages away from discovering and unleashing the power of your woman within – and a lot more too!

Get ready to find happiness, expressing your true, beautiful self, from the inside out.

To give you the very best selection of tools for your transformation, we’ve hand-picked our own favourite e-books on self hypnosis and visualisation.

When you order your copy of ’1001 Secrets of Feminine Cross Dressing’ today, we’re going to include all our favourite e-books as gifts, to help you make the right decision for you – right now.

When you buy your copy of ’1001 Secrets’ today, you will also receive:

Bonus #1

Book of Personal Transformation

Discover the internal path to becoming the woman you truly want to be. They say the woman makes the habits, then the habits make the woman, and it’s so true.

Many of the obstacles that prevent us from becoming the woman we want to be are simply unhelpful habits. The way we move, how we talk, the way we think and how we act when we’re not thinking – these are all simply habitual patterns.

The good news is all of these can be changed. Discover the 12 steps to replacing your own internal patterns with the new patterns of the most feminine woman you can be.

Bonus #2

Stress Management

The truth is we all feel a little stress from time to time. It’s simply part of being human. Unfortunately for a lot of transvestites, life can offer more stressful situations, like the fear of being ‘read’ as a transvestite, or a range of other fears related to your personal identity.

Unfortunately stress is a negative cycle, which magnifies the stressful situation, and so creates more stress, and so on. It’s important to make sure that any stress in your life is managed immediately to make sure it passes as soon as possible.

This little gem of an e-book will give you all the tools you need to make sure that any stress in your life is kept to an absolute minimum.

Bonus #3

Secret to Happiness

This is one of our own favourites, as it can enhance anyone’s life. Do you ever find yourself struggling with your alter ego? Wishing things were easier, or suffering low moods? What if finding happiness as a woman, no matter where you are, was as easy as changing your inner dialog, and focusing your attention on different things? It may sound easy, and that’s because it really is! In this book, you’ll discover how we all create our own happy or sad moods, often out of habit, by choosing what we focus on. We all program ourselves unconsciously to do this, and the great news is we can change that program any time. In this fantastic little book, you’ll find out exactly how!

Bonus #4

The Truth Behind Hypnosis

Unlock one of the most powerful secrets to transformation. Recent developments in the field of hypnosis are proving that this is one of the most powerful ways to create whatever life you desire.

This e-book is packed with techniques for you to become a master of self hypnosis, and also help your girlfriends to achieve their dream life too.

Once you discover the power of accessing your own unconscious mind and laying new identity patterns in there, you’ll be starting on a journey that will ‘trance’-form you into the beautiful woman you always wanted to be.

Bonus #5

Vibrant Health Audio Program

One of the most important features of a beautiful woman is her healthy, feminine glow. Unfortunately men often have rougher skin, and features, which can sometimes make it harder to pass.

This invaluable audio program will help you to achieve more of a healthy glow, starting from the inside out. When you are enjoying a vibrant health inside it will radiate out from you, giving you that healthy, feminine glow.

Sit back, relax, and let this magical audio program transform your appearance in wonderful ways.

So you’re not just getting our program, we’ve created a package that gives you everything you need to experience the sheer joy of finding your full femininity.

And because we want as many t-women to be able to access this information as possible, we’ve set the price for the entire package at a level anyone could afford. Right now, all of this information is available for the low price of only $47.

And just in case you want even more value for money…

Instead of doing a big marketing campaign, we really just want to create a lot of wonderful success stories (which are really the best form of advertising).

That means during our launch phase, we’ve decided to lower the price even further, just to help you make the right decision to help yourself today.

In return we ask only that you might drop us a line some time and let us know how much this package has changed your life for the better, only if you want to.

So when you purchase ’1001 Secrets to Feminine Cross Dressing’ today, you will get all of this information, that you can start to use as soon as you next get some feminine time… for only $37.00!

Think of how much money you’ve wasted on “bad” clothes, shoes, and makeup… $37 is a drop in the bucket, compared to the expensive mistakes you could continue making without this information!

And just to make sure that you do make the right decision today, we’re even going to guarantee you that this book delivers on every promise we’ve made to you.


StampIf for any reason you don’t like the book, you can simply tell us you want your money back, and we will refund your entire purchase – no questions asked. In the unlikely event that you do choose to refund your purchase, you can even keep all the bonuses, as a gift from us to you.
So really, we’re taking all the risk – all you get are the rewards of living your ideal life, and sharing your true inner woman with the world.
So do yourself this favor. Go ahead and make the right decision for your future now – discover ’1001 Secrets to Feminine Cross Dressing’ today!
Warm regards,
Jane Butt and Louise Allen.

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“I am a doctor, a general practitioner working in Scotland. I have had patients in the past who have been transformed or just like wearing women’s clothes. I tried so hard for years to find information for these patients but never succeeded. I can’t believe how informative this book is. I cannot think of one question to do with style that you have not looked at. I would love to be able to give advice on make-up and hair I know so little is there another book on the way?”
- Dr Jean Simmons, Edinburgh

“Hi, my name is Gina I am a drag artist from Sydney. I heard of this book from my friend Bella from Paris she is a drag queen by night and a helicopter engineer by day she was told about it by her friend from London. Wow I could not believe my eyes! A stylebook for transvestites. I never thought I would see the day. Its brilliant – such a breath of fresh air, it makes me feel like a woman. Is this going to be published in other languages? I have a few sisters in Europe and some special girls in China who would love this. I have already ditched the black cape and have carefully chosen a new bag to match my perfect four inch heels. This book is changing my life. Thank you to Jane and Louise for thinking of us. Are you planning on more stuff for us, keep it coming!
- Gina, Sydney

“This is wonderful I have never seen a book like it. I am a transvestite and have gone out dressed as my female self and quickly regretted it I didn’t really know what I was doing and after reading ’1001 secrets’ I understand just how much women learn over a life time and I thought I could just get dressed and pass as a woman. I feel that the book and also notice a website Transvestite Temple is quite revolutionary for the trans communities of the US. I live in Chicago and throughout communities across the globe. I feel that we are being taken seriously and feel a little loved and cared for by the authors Jane and Louise who I think have really started something. Are you doing anything else?”
- Bernice Brown (BeeBee)

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