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Transvestite Temple is the collaboration between two girls, Jane and Louise, who’ve spent nearly a decade helping transvestite clients and friends to find their inner beauty and share it with the world.

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Hi I’m Jane, welcome to Transvestite Temple! Louise and I are two women with a lot of experience helping transvestites, just like you, to life happy fulfilled lives, working to empower them from the outside and the inside.

We decided we could easily help even more people by doing what we do best, in the digital world. So we set up the Temple, to honor the spirit of feminine beauty in every man blessed with it.

My specialty is empowering you from the inside. That’s because, for the last decade, I’ve worked as a Clinical Nurse Specialist, specializing in sexual health needs.

After years of working with transvestite and transgender people, I set up  a support group in 2005, working with a great range of T-girls.

My role as founder of this organization has allowed me to spend time with so many wonderful transvestite men, helping them to realise their dreams of femininity and providing one to one support. You’d be amazed how similar the issues are that arise for many of my clients.

One of the most regular areas for counseling that I’ve encountered was giving our girls guidance about their image, particularly how to dress effeminately for their body shape. Alas t-girls aren’t often given any guidance by their mother or sisters in how to dress their masculine body in female clothing.

So many are learning from scratch, and experimenting as you go. Obviously the last thing you need is an ugly ensemble when you’re trying to pass as a woman in a sometimes hostile world.

You probably know that a powerful feminine image and style is such a huge part of being a happy and fulfilled transvestite. That’s why I enrolled the specialist help of one of the top image consultants in the country, who’s now my good friend, Louise Allen. Together, we’re reshaping the face of the Transvestite world – one beautiful smile at a time!


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Hi girls! I’m Louise. While Jane works to help people become more womanly on the inside, my specialty is your outer beauty.

After a career in fashion, I became a Fashion lecturer, then started my own image consultancy, Khrysalis, where I work with men and women to develop their self-image.

Since the founding of Khrysalis many years ago, most of my clients have been transvestites and transgender people. These days I’m proud to say I’ve established a specialist reputation in this field, and it really is my passion.

There is so much for a man to learn before he can truly dress like a woman. This is especially so when he doesn’t have a very feminine body.

Really it’s not so hard though, when you have guidance. It’s just a matter of finding your own personal style, then just learning the ‘tricks of the trade’. And don’t worry, Jane and I can teach you all that.

You can become a beautiful woman in no time! ( To get started right away, I would highly recommend our book ‘1001 Secrets of Feminine Cross-dressing’ for the complete guide to finding your style and looking your feminine best.)

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Anyway, the advice you’ll find on this site, and in our books and articles, is based on years of working closely with so many women just like you. Some of them were comfortable with their alter-ego, others had a range of confidence-draining issues arising from the fact that they just didn’t know how to be themselves in female clothing.

But rest assured, all of them discovered a woman inside, and went away with a beautiful big smile. Perhaps now it’s your turn!


  1. Steve says:

    I have been wishing the woman in me would find a peaceful way to say hello to the world.

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