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Welcome to the Transvestite Temple resources page!

You’ll find a great range of articles and books in here, all based on our years of experience working with wonderful transvestite girls just like you.

Some of these publications are free, others cost a little bit. If you’re on a budget, you can start with the free information and find out how a little help can go a long way!

If you like what we have to offer, you can easily find out more about our other publications too.

A Transvestite’s Companion – 20 Steps to Successfully ‘Passing’ as a Woman in Public, by Louise Allen and Jane Butt.

Transvestite's guide to passing as a woman in publicThis 21 page e-book covers the most important components of a truly feminine presence, appearance and beauty. Based on our work with many transvestite men over the years, we’ve distilled the most important information into this easy to read ‘companion’.

Learn to cultivate the subtle feminine cues: the power of submissiveness, the charm of vulnerability and the guidance of your feelings. You’ll find easy to follow exercises to enhance your feminine presence, like visualization and access the confidence boosting potential of positive thinking.

Of course we briefly cover a few tricks of the trade for hiding ‘that’ bulge, applying make-up, finding your feminine voice and your transvestite name.

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Know Your Style – The Transvestite’s Guide to Finding a Great Look, by Louise Allen and Jane Butt.

transvestite's guide to finding a great lookWell dressed women always have a dominant style that both influences all their ‘looks’ and also reflects their inner personality.

Young girls are taught how to use feminine clothing, make-up, hair and accessories to achieve this from an early age. Unfortunately you probably weren’t. To help you find your own great look, this short e-book includes a brief overview of our 7 ‘archetypal’ female looks.

Our clients always find themselves drawn to one or two of these archetypes more than others, and each forms the foundation of their great look.

Are you a glam-puss, sporty, classic, or one of the other types? To help you work it out, part two of this free ebook is a questionnaire to get you on the right track.

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10 Vital Keys to Successfully Coming Out as a Transvestite, by Jane Butt and Louise Allen.

Coming out as a transvestiteThere are plenty of stories about how transvestites come out to friends and loved ones. Some go well and some, well… you can imagine, some don’t always work out as planned.

A lot of our work with transvestites has been to help them express their identity to the world. Often this includes expressing who they are to friends and loved ones.

We’ve identified all the key steps that lead to a successful ‘coming out’, and distilled them into this handy ebook.

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1001 Secrets to Feminine Crossdressing – a Practical Handbook for the Stylish Transvestite.

This information packed ebook is the culmination of our years of working with girls just like you to develop a style and femininity that glows from the inside out. It contains all the secrets that we’ve found work for all the t-girls we’ve known.

Find out what are the best colours for your skin, the best fabrics for your style, what cuts suit your shape, how to accessorize with the ease of a biological woman. You’ll learn all the keys that we’ve found for creating a happy and fulfilled life as a t-girl.

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