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Sometimes it’s just good to have a shoulder to cry on. Sometimes, you need a solution to your problem. Transvestite Temple’s Agony Auntie offers you an understanding ear, and sensible advice for any personal issues, based on our years of helping girls just like you. So many girls experience the same challenges in expressing their true feminine self to the world. Perhaps some of them could sound familiar to you.

  • That sense of strangers staring at you in public
  • The fear of even stepping outside your front door
  • The terror at the thought of the people you know and love rejecting you, or…
  • The feeling that there is a femininity so powerful inside you, but the frustration at simply not being able to express it fully – through ignorance, guilt, or a range of other frustrating reasons.

To name just a few…

Sound familiar?

The fact is, I’ve spent many years helping literally hundreds of transvestites – many of them just like you – to find fulfilment and happiness.

There’s a journey you take to discover the real source of femininity inside you, to feel the joy of being a complete woman, in your own mind, and to let that femininity shine through no matter where you are.

And all you need to take that journey is an experienced guide.

Many people find it hard to understand a transvestite’s lifestyle – let alone offer advice. Do you have a problem that you just can’t share with others? Perhaps no-one’s had any real answers? We’re all ears dear, grab a box of tissues and just let it out, at


  1. christina says:

    I can relate to your agony aunt page. I am sometimes consumed with the need to dress as a women and find it mentaly draining. I constantly trawling the net for organisations to join but lack the nerve to take the plunge, people seem so experienced and confident, or simple want a sexual encounter which I dont. Living in the northeast dose`nt help as most groups/services seem to be based in the south.
    It`s all very confusing and I feel so alone.
    Will this hell never end.
    I wish I could find someone dicreet to help me, but how can you expect people you don`t know to help?

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