World’s First Transvestite Online Art Gallery

Exploring the transition of genders has long been popular in the arts, from the early drama, where boys played the role of women, to the drag shows of the modern era. Alas there isn’t a lot of painting and tasteful photography that celebrates thid wonderful culture. Louise has created many art works celebrating T-girls, and… [Continue Reading]

Over Ten Years’ Experience Helping Girls Just Like You

Transvestite Temple is a collaboration between Jane and Louise, who have been helping T-girls find happiness and fulfilment as women for over ten years. This website is where they share everything they know – from style and wardrobe tips to voice, demeanour and feminine psychology – to help you find all the information you need… [Continue Reading]

A T-Girl Revolution in Television!

It’s your youtube channel, T-girl Cafe TV –  celebrating all things Tranny! Issues with your make up? Having trouble finding a style that suits you? Want to learn to pass more easily? Learn the lessons that have helped so many girls just like you to enjoy their womanhood to the fullest. Discover T-Girl Cafe TV… [Continue Reading]

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Discover the secrets most girls learned from their mother…

Developed over ten years, these insights have helped so many fabulous girls, just like you, to enjoy their full feminine persona and develop their own womanly style. This essential handbook gives you the keys to unlock the woman you could be. Take your womanhood to wonderful new heights today. Learn more


Step out into the world and shine!

Chances are you face the same problems as most girls with passing in public. Is it your voice? Your walk? Your style? Or something more subtle? We’ve put together this free e-book, outlining the key challenges that so many of our girls have faced when trying to pass in public. Download it today, and learn… [Continue Reading]

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